Give “Soup” to “Dog”

Rabbit and Babka enjoy some soup:


6 thoughts on “Give “Soup” to “Dog”

  1. Huh. Interesting conclusion.

    Also interesting it would be for insight into why Slavs have problems with the articles.
    The feeling for using an article in a sentence must develop over a long period of time for a Slovak. But the only way is, really, to use the language, or, even better, to live the language. (here, meaning – use the language as a means of written, static communication, or passive acceptance of spoken language, in movies and like; live the language in an environment that is English-speaking, as a student or worker abroad)

    Protip: try to notice how Slavic speakers use articles in their speech, compared to more arbitrary grammatical constructions such as tenses. You will often find that those who learnt by doing, will have a less refined grammatics, or spelling, or “correct” phrasal usage, but those who learnt academically, while keeping perfect spelling and using all thirteen tenses with ease, will, many times, have problems with the articles.

    • Yes, the articles are tricky in the sentences! Also tricky for the native English speakers is the trying to figure out how to explain the use of the articles to the students!

      Rabbit actually prefers listening to inexperienced English speakers because their “errors” give him insight into structure of their native language.

  2. Excuse me if I use wrong articles, I’m Slovak =) I recently realized another interesting thing about Slovak language (could be an inspiration for your comics) – Slovak has an alcoholic suffix! You add it to a noun, and make either alcohol or a party from it. It’s “-ovica”. Example: jablko = apple, jablkovica = apple spirits, prvák = first grade student, prvákovica = a party of first-graders

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