What is “Free”?

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3 thoughts on “What is “Free”?

  1. Is Rabbit referring to his memories of soldiers/policemen in green and red? I cannot find the reference now. He was wondering though in retrospect, if those were Soviets, or indeed locals in soviet-style uniforms.

    You can see how czechoslovak policemen looked in the 80s, for example, here: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Klub-Veřejné-Bezpečnosti/131073743635099

    Soviet soldiers were confined into military areas, and townships near them. And they would be normally treated similarly to local regular army men, going to work to the barracks, and many leading a normal, civilian life outside the service.
    It is therefore highly unlikely for Rabbit to encounter Soviet soldiers on his trip to Czechoslovakia in the 80s, unless they passed through Soviet military area, while travelling to the mountains, for example.

    Or am I just writing about future comics again?

    • Ah, no, you are providing some valuable clarification. To young Rabbit, those green and red uniforms were equivalent to Soviet soldier uniforms. And to travelling US citizens, there was little distinction. Babka of course understands finer distinctions between Czechoslovak federal troops and Soviets (who would have been an occupation force).

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