Fair grammar

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14 thoughts on “Fair grammar

    • Rabbit is especially interested in how our languages and stories build blind spots into our thinking… “That’s just how it is!” ~ “Nic neznamena!” ~ Language is by its nature invisible to native speaker (…and perhaps some elements of history too?)

    • Thanks; learning a language can be an incredibly deep way to learn history (even when speakers deny the underlying forensic experience!) … No doubt you notice the multiple layers here, with fact that young women are Russian adding more layers of politics & nationality & ethnicity to their questions of language and gender & Slovak teacher’s reactions.
      Stay tuned for more!

    • I love the comments on grammar. They are interesting and I learn much. I only speak American english I would lovr to learn Slovak. I understand what you are saying. I am from cleveland ohio. I have lived in Millersburg Ohio for a few years,Which is only 2 hours south of Cleveland,I thought they had an accent and different words until we moved to Kentucky,now that was all together different.

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