Tall grass on old graves

<< BEFORE: Rabbit stands around watching crowd at bus station.

NOW: Okay, so this maybe goes along with yesterday’s post… Here, Rabbit walks through another eastern town and sees many details he loves about Slovakia, but also stumbles into some echoes of not-so-long-ago horrors:



4 thoughts on “Tall grass on old graves

  1. Many Jewish cemeteries (& syngagogues turned warehouses, cinemas, galleries or clubs etc.) all over Slovakia, not that many people to care for them (WW2, emigration).

  2. I’m not really sure about this – but here’s what I heard from one friend, that has some connections with the jewish community in SK.: He said, that they are no longer interested in maintaining the cementeries, that had been “desacrated” (which account for most of the cementeries in Slovakia).

    4 years ago, when I was doing voluntary work at one castle (archeology and construction), we saw one of the jewish cementeries, that was completely overrun with weeds, and the stones were deteriorating. I remembered, that this very place was well preserved during the socialism (as a place of touristic value) – when I visited it with my parents years ago. We asked the mayor of the village nearby, whether he knows why is the place in such sorry state – and he told us the same story as my friend. We asked him, whether we can do anything about this (as volunteers) – and he gave us free hand in this. We did some work, which allows the tourists to explore this place again – but when I visited the place again, recently, I could see that no one did anything after that…

    • Wow… Just as in comics & cartooning, sometimes the absences & silences of a place speak the loudest.

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