Still that little voice inside

<< BEFORE: Rabbit and cleaning ladies say goodbyes during his last visit to draw at church!

NOW: Rabbit starts to walk away from church, BUT:

NEXT: Well, this long challenging day continues with visit to supermarket… >>


5 thoughts on “Still that little voice inside

  1. You know it’s funny: I wrote my senior (undergraduate) thesis on education for the Roma populations in Eastern Europe, and when I went to Slovakia, I wasn’t prepared for the discriminatory attitudes of almost ALL Slovaks toward gyspies. “Ciganit” means to lie, for christ’s sake! It was difficult to mitigate my own attitudes of (against) this kind of prejudice with the fact that most of the Slovaks around me were telling me otherwise, telling me that gypsies are liars, cheaters and thieves. What made it even harder was seeing clear examples that supported their claims.

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