Walnuts fall in grass

<< BEFORE: Rabbit starts to harvest nuts in cool autumn sun

Well, I thought I’d posted these pages long long ago, but I guess I never did!  They’re from my very first trip notebook devoted entirely to comics (as opposed to travel sketches), and deal with 2011 nut harvest in Babka’s (and her family’s) yards:

Well, wouldn’t you know it, THIS WEEKEND is weekend of big wedding!  (Congratulations to lucky cousins and all my family celebrating in Eastern Slovakia right now!)

If you compare above pages to more recent pages, you can see how my drawing style has changed in the past year of drawing these comics.  HOWEVER, you might be interested to know that ONE of above pages was drawn recently (September 2012), and all others were drawn a year ago (October 2011).  Can you tell which page is the NEW page?

And I suspect new sound word “SKL-DUMPK!” comes out of Rabbit’s experience with WRDS