New C+D+K mini & growth of cabbages

A few weeks of autumn rains have brought out huby (mushrooms), along with new C+D+K mini-comic HUBYHUNT!which sprouted just in time for MICE last weekend!  This book tells about mushroom-hunting escapades of Rabbit & family in hills around town (it is follow-up story for SUCCESSFUL SLAUGHTER mini).


Here is what forest floor now looks like at C+D+K central HQ:  

Now, we know what you are thinking… In June we announced there would be no more mini mailings, and soon we would finish up book project!  But look at how things have grown since then, from THIS:

… to THIS:

So, in spirit of giant luscious cabbage harvest season, we are pleased to announce that we are now FINISHED with all major drawing operations on book, and have begun formatting book for publication!

It has been very exciting year of production; from September 2011 to September 2012 we’ve put out over 400 posts of comics, notebook pages, photos, and videos, while drawing much, much, much more than that.  (Many pages will only appear in final book, or else maybe on this site in coming months.  Also, many pages that do not fit in the book will still appear on this site.)

So d’akujeme (once again) to our readers for your support and patience during this past year, and stay tuned as we move into publishing phase!