C+D+K in two new anthologies

Here are two recent comics anthologies featuring C+D+K excerpts; oddly enough, they are both about food and they both debut in time for harvest season:

 (Trees & Hills, 2012) features comics by creators in NH, VT, and western MA.  This sequel to their popular (and sold out) SEEDS antho includes several C+D+K pages about food & agriculture in Eastern Slovak towns.

(Birdcage Bottom Books, 2012) is an ENORMOUS tome full of luscious food-comics by artists from all over the place… I haven’t even had a chance to digest the entire book yet, but I salivate every time I see it there on my TO READ pile!  The C+D+K excerpt in this one is the SUCCESSFUL SLAUGHTER storyline (which has never appeared in its entirety on this site even).

Both these publishers deserve lots of credit for pulling together ambitious, creative anthology projects & getting them out to the public at this season’s Eastcoast indy conventions (SPXMICE)!


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