C+D+K’s “Saint Nicholas” in Belgium

Charity-Cover-FRThis month, Coffee+Dumpling+Komiks celebrated St. Nicholas name day (6 December) with some comics in translation!

If you happen to be in Belgium around the holidays, you might be able to pick up a paper copy of La Charite magazine, whose December issue features C+D+K‘s episodes about Sv. Mikulas.

This magazine publishes editions in FRENCH:


and in DUTCH:


We are happy La Charite could use these comics to spread some holiday cheer among readers in Belgium!  (We are also tickled pink to discover new Dutch words like hongersnood …)

You can now read lo-res versions of these translated pages on our respective posts here:

  1. Introduction to Saint Nicholas >>

  2. Saint Nicholas & Three Poor Daughters >>

  3. Saint Nicholas & Evil Butcher >>

6 thoughts on “C+D+K’s “Saint Nicholas” in Belgium

  1. Marek,

    C’est merveilleux! A delightful development.

    See you at Anne’s Party.

    Merry Christmas!


      • Yes — follow the links @ the end of the post, & you should see the new translations on each post. — M

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