Goodbye Saturday

<< BEFORE: Rabbit has rough last Friday in town

NOW: Rabbit walks around town on a few final errands…

NOTE: Well, it’s been a long, busy, incredibly quick Winter and Rabbit & Co. have been very, very patient while I’ve been away working on several other projects, but now with the coming of Spring I’m closing in on a final page arrangement for the C+D+K graphic novel collection!  It feels really good to see all these comics coming together, but there’s a lot of work remaining.  Stay tuned, and thanks again to everyone for your patience & support throughout this long process… — MAREK



    1. D’aka B! Lots and lots of Rabbit art never even made it onto this site (yet), so we may have some posts still to come. Or perhaps one of our readers would like to do a colorful rabbit painting…? 8^)

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