Rabbit celebrates! ~ Zajac oslavuje!

Rabbit-Celebration-flip-horiz Why is Rabbit so happy? Well, maybe it has something to do with sending the final draft of his C+D+K graphic novel off to the printer around 1 in the morning some chilly night this week.

The next step is getting a “proof” copy back from the printer, and looking it over verrrry carefully to spot any errors or display problems.  (Of course, with a book this size, this is just a matter of finding as many errors as possible and at some point being DONE!)

It has been a long two years of hard work, long walks, and late nights for Rabbit, but finally the end is at hand.  Or maybe we should say, the BEGINNING, because once this book is published, Rabbit will begin the work of getting it out to pre-orders and new readers.  And he will really appreciate your help!  Here are some newly posted materials to share around with your friends & community:

Thanks!  Stay tuned for more C+D+K news!