Babka greets us with food

As we put finishing touches on book, we have compulsion to go back & draw certain very important scenes that somehow never got drawn over course of travels… So it is with this scene, where we introduce character of Babka in her manner of welcoming our weary hiking Rabbit & his Mom to her home in Eastern Slovakia:

<< BEFORE: Rabbit rides east through mountains

NEXT: My heart is there on the edge >>



  1. Babka is Slovak allright.

    Glad to hear the book is going out. How are you going to distribute in Slovakia btw.?

    1. Hi Peter — EU distribution is the minor disaster news of the week… The US Postal Service want $29 POSTAGE (!) for each single book I ship to EU. This is crazy, of course, so I am not taking any new EU orders until I figure out a way around it. If you know of a distributor (or independent comics pro or writer or comics lover) who can help work around this, I am eager to hear (read) the details. — Marek

      1. I suppose the best way to be is to find someone willing to distribute, volume shipping would be cheaper, I would say. Trouble is, I cannot help with that, I don’t know anyone… Especially considering you would probably need someone who can collect VAT, which could be required. On the topic of VAT… you might want to choose a reseller also by VAT rate applicable in their country. I think UK and Ireland have a zero level VAT on books, so you might want to see about reselling through someone in those two countries.

      2. Thank you… That is my current plan, certainly. Stay tuned! — M

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