Transplanting Rabbit uses another rainy day to edit book!

And while the old computer grinds away at yet another “final draft” to send to the printers, Rabbit also transplants cabbages in his muddy little garden out behind the house….

It occurs to me that the process of preparing a project like this for publication is a little like growing cabbages in the following ways:

  1. Pages crop up like little sprouts, all packed together and bursting out of the ground.  Some will become weeds, some will become juicy vegetables:
  2. Pages must be thinned out, organized, cultivated, & tended if they are going to grow properly.  Many pages will have to be moved about to other sections of the garden to make room (and sense):
  3. Some pages will leave garden entirely and become their own self-contained little projects (think: Lives of the Saints + the associated mini-comic, or the series on WRDS, &c.):
  4. And then much much later, at the end of the whole process, hopefully you will have something to harvest:

That’s all for now!  Time to go upload that final draft!

(If these images look familiar, perhaps you’re thinking of the release of BABKA REMEMBERS mini one year ago, when I announced the book was almost finished and would be ready to mail out by the end of Summer.  Well, that was true in a way; I was incorrect merely about which Summer…)



    1. Peter! Book is under approval & on order from printers! Announcements coming SOON (definitely LONG LONG LONG before Xmas…) about pre-order mailings & official release! Thanks for your encouragement! — MB

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