Special delivery!

And then one day we wake up to see enormous “semi” truck backing up our driveway:


It really was “anything, anywhere, anytime”!  In this case, “anything” was a pallet of books fresh from the first printing of the C+D+K GRAPHIC NOVEL!


Now we have canine security team protecting this vast cache of comics:


…. and our Mailing Department is working fulltime to process books for mailing out to pre-orders!



It has been a long two years of planning, learning, working, travel, exciting adventures, narrow escapes, beautiful discoveries, and endless drawing… We’re very excited to begin the mailing process, and share the book with all our faithful (and patient) supporters!

9780982415320-Perfect+SHADOWORDERING INFO HERE >>



  1. The book will be a joy to read especially from someone like you who cares about the reader and has put his total heart,spirit,mind and body into this book for us. Thank you Marek.God Bless you for years to come.

    1. Thanks B — You’re far & away C+D+K’s most committed commentator; I really appreciate your encouragement & feedback! — M

  2. A BOOK?

    Way to go. I will have to look over a copy next time I come up. I will ask Christina if she would like a copy.

    Hope sales go well!!

    Uncle Steve

    1. Uncle Steve — Copies can be perused by appointment in our Henniker showroom, with complimentary coffee &, on a good day, maybe even some dumplings! — M

    1. D — I see by your URL that you are in SK… I have posted an EU address ordering button on the BOOK page, but you will see there that the US Postal Service charges very high foreign shipping rates. If you have any suggestions about distributors inside SK, please forward info via the CONTACT page!

  3. Ahoj Marek: Hope all is well. Dakujem for the copy of Slovakia that you sent us. I will take it to future Cleveland-Bratislava Sister Cities meeting and pass it around to see if any of the members have an interest in purchasing a copy. My Slovak classes start again later this month and I will also pass it around to my classmates. Is there anything that they should know about how to purchase a copy? A web address? A form for mailing in a purchase? Let me know, Ujo Bill PS: Say hello to Ross & Joslin for us.

  4. Bravo I can’t wait to see my copies. The release looks good.

    The trip is going very well – an incredibly good group. Greatvweather . lots of fun. Please send my love to everyone. Are ross joslin and maggie going to the wedding.

    Not much time to email. We’ll be in bratslva to more evening after a day in Budapest. I’ll try to get more news off then before we leave for Poland. Anna janik is helping me with contacts in sanok . we’ll visit her and stay in her town one ‘

    Send me some news, mamka

    Date: Mon, 9 Sep 2013 14:40:02 +0000 To: connectionswork4u@hotmail.com

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