C+D+K Book Delivery System Saves Snappers!

Here at C+D+K HQ we are busily sending out supporter copies of new C+D+K GRAPHIC NOVEL, one full backpack at a time on our custom Rabbit-powered delivery vehicle:

Of course, along path to town we encounter many new & exciting signs of changing seasons… Especially this week’s new hatching of tiny snapping turtles along NH riverbanks! Look whom we found crawling along road in wrong direction, hundreds of meters from river:

So of course we must stop delivery & park bike & collect baby turtles to move them out of trail (where bikes can squish them):


At one nest we harvested 41 baby turtles and set them down on riverbank to swim away & try to survive coming winter!

Then, the books went out in USPS.

We have now mailed all basic pre-orders & are working on fulfilling sponsorship pre-orders ($30+ level = accompanying gift drawings, music CD, &c.) &  foreign orders too … And the turtles of NH thank you for your orders!