Rabbit’s New Project

Ahoj, friends of Slovakia Komiksy!
Long time, no posts…  It’s been a busy few years.
I’m currently immersed in a NEW PROJECT, diving deep into the American Civil War, as seen through the eyes of a New England school teacher in the Union Army.   Project updates appear over on Patreon.com/MarekBennett, or you can click on Rabbit’s picture below to learn more:

The Civil War Adventures of Freeman Colby Vol. 2  [Updates via PATREON] >>

Ever since Rabbit’s adventures in the Slovakia graphic novel, I’ve been building this historical comics model, using primary source material to tell the stories of real people in real historical situations.

I’ve set up that PATREON page to share the project (& others) as I work on it.  You can sign on as a PATRON there & get access to work-in-progress posts, behind-the-scenes notes, and special patron-only artwork & materials from Freeman Colby and other upcoming comics.

Whether you become a PATRON, and/or follow my MAIN WEBSITE, and/or share these updates with your social media networks — your help makes these graphic novels possible!  D’AKUJEM — Thank you as always for your support & feedback…  Nech sa pači!  

~ Marek


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