Vitajte! Welcome to this autobio webcomic & graphic novel about an American Rabbit’s adventures in Slovakia!


STEP 1: Travel, teach, study, draw in Slovakia: (2011)

STEP 2: Post comics to this site…

C+D+K-Header-SMALL (2011-2013)

STEP 3: Publish results as graphic novel:

ordering info >>


Lives of the Saints:

Lives of the Saints: Cordula - Uršula's story terminated rather abruptly, so here is another story that picks up where Uršula leaves off:
Lives of the Saints: Uršula - Q) How long can wily Uršula avoid advances of pagan princes & hotblooded Huns?
Lives of the Saints: Sv. Katarína - Who is Sveta Katarína? Why does she have wheel and sword? Read on to find out...

Slovak Folk Songs:

Song: “Kedz ja na toryse” (When I in river Torysa) - "When I in river Torysa / washed my little feet..."
Song: “Vodu” (Water) - "Water! Water! / I don't want her! / Let girls bathe in her!"
Song: “Naco pojdem domov” (Why would I ever go home?) - "Why would I ever go home / when I have nobody? / Father's getting married / Mother lies in the black earth / Why would I ever go home?"

Jazykolamy / Slovak Tongue-Twisters:

Wrds 9: “Žltý žlč” - << BEFORE: Rusty snakes! Term “Žltý žlč” was my hands-down favorite curse substitute for most of Autumn.
Wrds 8: “Dlžny držgroš” - << BEFORE: Hot-tempered goon NEXT: Yellow bile >>
Wrds 7: “Prchký trkvas” - << BEFORE: Hot-tempered does! Let’s take break from all these travel comics to enjoy some low-vowel-content cartoons from our Bratislava student notebooks! NEXT: Indebted miser >>

More about WRDS (Slovak words without vowels) >>


~ Some quick Q&A about this blog… ~
Add your own questions to the COMMENTS field at the bottom!


Q) You’re in Slovakia?!?

I was in Slovakia during Fall, 2011.  I am currently in the USA, drawing comics and travel sketches (& more) about my adventures.  I’m collecting these comics & stories into a graphic novel about language, culture, dumplings, history, music, comics, education, castles, & more. [DONATE/ORDER YOUR COPY HERE]

Q) What were you DOING in Slovakia?

I’ll tell the whole story in comics format in the book… Here’s the basic idea:

First, I studied in the capital city of Bratislava, and then headed East and to live in small towns in Šariš region of Eastern Slovakia (where my family lives).  That’s the Family History component of my trip.

I also did some COMICS WORKSHOPS for schools and community programs.  That’s the Educational Component of the trip…  The EDUCATIONAL component of the trip is funded by donations and book pre-sales on this blog (see “REPORT”)

I also traveled around researching (& drawing from) old comics artifacts in churches and cathedrals, and discovered some surprising stories

Q) Why Slovakia?

My great grandmother came to New England from Slovakia about a hundred years ago.  Fortunately, our family branches on either side of the ocean never lost contact with each other, and so I grew up knowing many of my cousins who live in Eastern Slovakia.

Q) Why comics?

I’m a comics creator and teaching artist, it’s what I do!  Plus, comics have an amazingly deep and rich history in Eastern Europe… but don’t take my word for it, read my comics about it!

Q) Have you done this before?

Sort of — although this project is much bigger and deeper.  But to get a sense of my previous travel work, you might want to check out some pre-trip artwork, or even my 2009 graphic novel:

Nicaragua Comics Travel Journal

For other examples of my work, see:

In the meantime, keep reading and commenting on (and sharing) this blog… and thanks so much for your support in this work!

Q) Okay, can I subscribe to this blog?

Yup — you should see a SUBSCRIPTION button on the sidebar.  Click it, and then you’ll get email updates every time I post new material here.

— Marek



    1. Thank you very much!
      It’s all inking, I don’t pencil anything here. (Well, every 20 or 30 pages sometimes I’ll sketch out a more complicated panel with lots of buildings in pencil first, but nothing else!)
      I’ll keep you posted about the book, and thanks for helping spread the word…

    1. Thank you so much, Aaron! I appreciate your encouraging comments & nomination! Meeting folks like you is the whole reason I’m doing this as a webcomic.

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