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Rabbit’s New Project - Ahoj, friends of Slovakia Komiksy! Long time, no posts…  It’s been a busy few years. I’m currently immersed in a NEW PROJECT, diving deep into the American Civil War, as seen through the eyes of a New England school teacher in the Union Army.   Project updates appear over on, or you can click on […]
Rabbit in Nicaragua - Rabbit is on road again... this time in Nicaragua!
Rabbit on the Road with General Stark & Dr. Hawks - Okay, so why is Rabbit hitch-hiking along roadside with NH natives General John Stark and Dr. Esther Hill Hawks? ...
C+D+K Book Delivery System Saves Snappers! - Here at C+D+K HQ we are busily sending out supporter copies of new C+D+K GRAPHIC NOVEL, one full backpack at a time on our custom Rabbit-powered delivery vehicle ...
Sample PDF: Rabbit in Bratislava - Preview the first 60 pages or so of C+D+K graphic novel!
C+D+K Book @ MICE 2013 - The C+D+K graphic novel will debut at Mass Indy Comics Expo later this month...
“ABOUT” Page for Book! - Here's a single-page ABOUT sheet for the SLOVAKIA graphic novel...
Special delivery! - And then one day we wake up to see enormous "semi" truck backing up our driveway...
Sneak Peek at Cover Images – Front & Back - Here are small images of final FRONT & BACK graphic novel cover design!
Transplanting - Rabbit uses another rainy day to edit book...
Rabbit’s CNI (Completion-Niggling Index) - Have you ever come across this strange type of bell curve in your work?
Rabbit celebrates! ~ Zajac oslavuje! - Why is Rabbit so happy? Well, maybe it has something to do with sending the final draft of his C+D+K graphic novel off to the printer around 1 in the morning some chilly night this week...
C+D+K’s “Saint Nicholas” in Belgium - This month, Coffee+Dumpling+Komiks celebrates St. Nicholas name day (6 December) with some comics in translation!
C+D+K @ Norman Rockwell Museum this Weekend! - C+D+K makes an appearance at this weekend's "MINI-COMIC CON" at the lovely Norman Rockwell Museum...
C+D+K in two new anthologies - Here are two recent comics anthologies featuring C+D+K excerpts; oddly enough, they are both about food and they both debut in time for harvest season: SPROUTS (Trees & Hills, 2012) features comics by creators in NH, VT, and western MA.  This sequel to their popular (and sold out) SEEDS antho includes several C+D+K pages about food […]
New C+D+K mini & growth of cabbages - A few weeks of autumn rains have brought out huby (mushrooms), along with new C+D+K mini-comic HUBYHUNT!, which sprouted just in time for MICE last weekend!  This book tells about mushroom-hunting escapades of Rabbit & family in hills around town (it is follow-up story for SUCCESSFUL SLAUGHTER mini). [STANDBY FOR ORDERING INFO HERE] Here is what forest […]
Ultimate C+D+K mini-comic mailing?! - What’s that sprouting in C+D+K cabbage patch? Why, it’s yet one more 16-page mini-comic, mailed out TODAY directly to all C+D+K donors & book pre-order addresses in North America! This booklet contains several of Babka’s family stories from her childhood and that of her father.  Accompanying note explains how this is PROBABLY final mailing of entire C+D+K […]
C+D+K in “Cartoon Crier” - There’s a new Coffee+Dumpling+Komiks page in the just-released “Cartoon Crier” from VT’s Center for Cartoon Studies (CCS).  Take a look! “Cartoon Crier” features work by members of National Cartoonists Society (NCS) and friends of CCS. There are some really classic comics in there, mixed in with work by younger or lesser-known cartoonists. The new C+D+K […]
C+D+K in school… and now back to work - Over the past two weeks I’ve been super busy with school residencies and evening comics events — that’s why I haven’t been posting much new material here.  This week I’m getting back to work on some new Slovakia stories, with an eye to wrapping up the book as soon as possible! Even though the daily […]
Working on this book - This strip pretty much sums up a lot of my experience working on this book.  I mean, it’s been a GREAT process, but … it has a lot of moments like this, too. Actually, to get the REAL experience, you can do the following: Print out the comic (3+ copies). Cut out each panel (so […]
“Lives of the Saints” Comics Altar @ Currier Museum - C+D+K‘s new “LIVES OF THE SAINTS” COMICS ALTAR will be on display at the Currier Museum this Winter!  If you’re in the Manchester, NH area, please join us* for this week’s reception: Thursday, 2 February 6:00-8:00 pm Opening Reception for the Currier Art Center Faculty Exhibition** @ Currier Museum This altar presents a
C+D+K on NHPR - NHPR recently ran this feature interview on Slovakia, comics, and the whole blog-book-trip-project thing…. It was a longer conversation that they edited down to fit into their “All Things Considered” timeslot.  (They posted some extra web-only audio on the site, too.)
The road ahead - TIME FOR A QUICK PROJECT UPDATE: TRAVEL PHASE: COMPLETE! After three amazing months of travel, adventure, study, art, and exploration in Slovakia, I have finally returned to my home in New Hampshire, USA.  I am so grateful to my family and friends (new and old) in Slovakia who made this project so awesomely possible! I am […]
PRESS RELEASE: NH Artist Explores Roots in Eastern Europe - 26 August 2011 ~ NH ARTIST EXPLORES ROOTS IN EASTERN EUROPE ~ Cartoonist Marek Bennett will use comics to share stories, language, and culture of Slovakia ...
Note from Marek – Aug 2011 - Hi!  I’m putting this website together to share information about my Fall 2011 comics project in Slovakia… Stay tuned while I move things around, and I’ll post more details soon! FOR PREORDERS, SEE: “YOU CAN HELP!” “BOOK”


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