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2014-Jan-Drawing-RGB-SMALL-www_MarekBennett_com Rabbit’s New Adventure! - Rabbit is on road again... this time in Nicaragua!
Rabbit-Freedom-RGB-w=600-www_MarekBennett_com Rabbit on the Road with General Stark & Dr. Hawks - Okay, so why is Rabbit hitch-hiking along roadside with NH natives General John Stark and Dr. Esther Hill Hawks? ...
DSCF3077-bike-small C+D+K Book Delivery System Saves Snappers! - Here at C+D+K HQ we are busily sending out supporter copies of new C+D+K GRAPHIC NOVEL, one full backpack at a time on our custom Rabbit-powered delivery vehicle ... Sample PDF: Rabbit in Bratislava - Preview the first 60 pages or so of C+D+K graphic novel!
MICE-2013-WWW_MarekBennett_com C+D+K Book @ MICE 2013 - The C+D+K graphic novel will debut at Mass Indy Comics Expo later this month... “ABOUT” Page for Book! - Here's a single-page ABOUT sheet for the SLOVAKIA graphic novel...
DSCF3042-SMALL Special delivery! - And then one day we wake up to see enormous "semi" truck backing up our driveway... Sneak Peek at Cover Images – Front & Back - Here are small images of final FRONT & BACK graphic novel cover design! Transplanting - Rabbit uses another rainy day to edit book...
Rabbit-CompletionCurve Rabbit’s CNI (Completion-Niggling Index) - Have you ever come across this strange type of bell curve in your work?
Rabbit-Celebration-flip-horiz Rabbit celebrates! ~ Zajac oslavuje! - Why is Rabbit so happy? Well, maybe it has something to do with sending the final draft of his C+D+K graphic novel off to the printer around 1 in the morning some chilly night this week...
mikulas-03-large-www.MarekBennett.com_NE-DETAIL C+D+K’s “Saint Nicholas” in Belgium - This month, Coffee+Dumpling+Komiks celebrates St. Nicholas name day (6 December) with some comics in translation!
NRM-comics-books-sm C+D+K @ Norman Rockwell Museum this Weekend! - C+D+K makes an appearance at this weekend's "MINI-COMIC CON" at the lovely Norman Rockwell Museum...
DIGESTATE_FrontCover-373x482 C+D+K in two new anthologies - Here are two recent comics anthologies featuring C+D+K excerpts; oddly enough, they are both about food and they both debut in time for harvest season: SPROUTS (Trees & Hills, 2012) features comics by creators… Continue reading
DSCF8673-HUBY-SMALL New C+D+K mini & growth of cabbages - A few weeks of autumn rains have brought out huby (mushrooms), along with new C+D+K mini-comic HUBYHUNT!, which sprouted just in time for MICE last weekend!  This book tells about mushroom-hunting escapades of Rabbit… Continue reading
DSCF8038-SMALL Ultimate C+D+K mini-comic mailing?! - What’s that sprouting in C+D+K cabbage patch? Why, it’s yet one more 16-page mini-comic, mailed out TODAY directly to all C+D+K donors & book pre-order addresses in North America! This booklet contains several of Babka’s… Continue reading
jewish-02-population-01 C+D+K in “Cartoon Crier” - There’s a new Coffee+Dumpling+Komiks page in the just-released “Cartoon Crier” from VT’s Center for Cartoon Studies (CCS).  Take a look! “Cartoon Crier” features work by members of National Cartoonists Society (NCS) and friends… Continue reading
DSCF2080+3 C+D+K in school… and now back to work - Over the past two weeks I’ve been super busy with school residencies and evening comics events — that’s why I haven’t been posting much new material here.  This week I’m getting back to… Continue reading
Working on this book - This strip pretty much sums up a lot of my experience working on this book.  I mean, it’s been a GREAT process, but … it has a lot of moments like this, too.… Continue reading
{ Each saint has a FRONT DOOR PANEL and four INSIDE PAGES telling her story. } “Lives of the Saints” Comics Altar @ Currier Museum - C+D+K‘s new “LIVES OF THE SAINTS” COMICS ALTAR will be on display at the Currier Museum this Winter!  If you’re in the Manchester, NH area, please join us* for this week’s reception: Thursday, 2… Continue reading
C+D+K on NHPR - NHPR recently ran this feature interview on Slovakia, comics, and the whole blog-book-trip-project thing…. It was a longer conversation that they edited down to fit into their “All Things Considered” timeslot.  (They posted… Continue reading
DSCF4892-small+rabbit The road ahead - TIME FOR A QUICK PROJECT UPDATE: TRAVEL PHASE: COMPLETE! After three amazing months of travel, adventure, study, art, and exploration in Slovakia, I have finally returned to my home in New Hampshire, USA.  I… Continue reading
PRESS RELEASE: NH Artist Explores Roots in Eastern Europe - 26 August 2011 ~ NH ARTIST EXPLORES ROOTS IN EASTERN EUROPE ~ Cartoonist Marek Bennett will use comics to share stories, language, and culture of Slovakia ...
Note from Marek – Aug 2011 - Hi!  I’m putting this website together to share information about my Fall 2011 comics project in Slovakia… Stay tuned while I move things around, and I’ll post more details soon! FOR PREORDERS, SEE:… Continue reading