Author Bio: Marek Bennett

 DSCF5373+rabbit DSCF4892-small+rabbit


Cartoonist and teacher Marek Bennett (M.Ed) conceived this project as a way to research his own family’s history over the past century of immigration, upheaval, changes, and challenges in Eastern Europe.  Bennett draws himself as the expressively naive “Rabbit” while on site in Slovakia, studying languages, folk music, and religious artwork, as well as collecting oral histories from a variety of sources.  Over the course of a single season, he finds himself swept up in the ongoing economic crisis gripping the EU and threatening all levels of life, from national politics to rural village traditions.  His relentless curiosity leads him to discover hidden histories in forgotten corners of small towns, as well as an impending social crisis sitting invisibly on every street corner…

ALSO SEE: "WHY go to SLOVAKIA?" (The Mini-Comic) = Marek’s pre-trip mini-comic about his plans…

Marek’s Professional Bio @ >> | Marek’s Resume >>




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