Book Outline

Here are some of the TOPICS addressed by these comics, more or less in the order that they appear in the book:

  1. PRE-TRIP: Rabbit outlines his intentions & then starts out on his journey.

    "WHY go to SLOVAKIA?" (The Mini-Comic) 00-00-WhyGo-00b+border+faces departure-01-DETAIL

  2. BRATISLAVA: Rabbit explores Slovakia’s western capital city & studies Slovak with an group of international students. 01-Bratislava-03-first-03 01-Bratislava-04-settling-11-detail  01-Bratislava-class-dirty-01 01-Bratislava-blankface-01

  3. THE TRAIN RIDE EAST: Rabbit leaves Bratislava and heads East into the countryside where his cousins live, exploring remote mountain passes on the way.
    DSCF5843 tatry-img_2668_edited-1-rabbit-resting

  4. THE DAY THE GOVERNMENT FELL: The sudden collapse of Slovakia’s ruling coalition brings the EU debt crisis home to Rabbit and his hosts.

  5. LAND & CULTURE IN EASTERN SLOVAKIA: Rabbit explores the texture and structure of village life in Eastern Slovakia.
    land-town-01 land-mist-02 land-edge-02 food-drink-marcel-2012-02

  6. BABKA & FAMILY: Rabbit’s Babka relates oral history and other artifacts of Eastern culture. babka-story-work-05 (with Babka in her garden) food-drink-marcel-00-rgb2

  7. TEACHING: Rabbit teaches English at a small town school.
    DSCF5373+rabbit zuzka-01-SMALL teaching-welcome-01

  8. NUTS, MUSHROOMS, MILK, & SLAUGHTER:  Through several adventures, Rabbit learns about food and family in Eastern Slovakia.

  9. INVISIBLE TOWN: Rabbit begins to notice the longstanding segregation of Roma people in Slovak society…

    roma-town-02 120806-OpenLetter-Intro roma-schools-05 teaching-welcome-01

  10. DRAWING AT CHURCH: Rabbit visits the local church to study an ancient altar… and ends up taking language lessons from the cleaning ladies, too!
    DSCF5008 DSCF5400 DSCF5295 church-drawing-day4-03

  11. DRAWING AT THE CENTER: Rabbit takes on students at the local Roma cultural center, but things go quickly awry…

  12. FINAL DAYS: Rabbit makes his closing visits and prepares to head home.
    roma-center3-16 DSCF5811

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