C+D+K Book Delivery System Saves Snappers!

Here at C+D+K HQ we are busily sending out supporter copies of new C+D+K GRAPHIC NOVEL, one full backpack at a time on our custom Rabbit-powered delivery vehicle …

These other fleas

<< BEFORE: Rabbit comes home from first day of classes at Roma community center, where one important concern was safety from students who have fleas … We are still jumping around in time!  Here we are, back at couch in Babka’s front room late at night after first day working with Roma children: NEXT: GoingContinue reading “These other fleas”

Two Lions Inn

Rabbit is in Bratislava fielding invitations from his new friends: >> CAUTION: Rabbit  does not have full story here, we will be revising the piece as it currently stands … For example, sign on front of building should read simply “POLICE HEADQUARTERS”, the “STATE POLICE” name was an attempt to incorporate longer conversation into single image…Continue reading “Two Lions Inn”