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Bus to Bratislava

NOW: Rabbit crosses border to Bratislava:


No English, No Room

Some first-day pleasures of settling into life in Bratislava…

Bratislava survival theory

Bratislava is strange new city for Rabbit… But he has theory about how to survive!

He wants an argument!

<< BEFORE: Rabbit attends service with heroes from Revolution …

Two Lions Inn

Rabbit is in Bratislava fielding invitations from his new friends: >> CAUTION: Rabbit  does not have full story here, we will be revising the piece as it currently stands … For example, sign on… Continue reading

Connecting (in Spanish) at computer center

<< BEFORE: Rabbit meets new student and studies Slovak music in class … NOW: Rabbit uses public computer in dorm to check email:

Talking dirty, part 2: Singing dirty

<< BEFORE: Talking dirty in Bratislava … NOW: Singing dirty with new student Spanish nun!

Walk over UFO

Rabbit and cousins walk over UFO Bridge in Bratislava on quiet Sunday afternoon… ALSO SEE: Rabbit wanders around under bridge …

Talking dirty (Eastern style)

<< BEFORE: Is Slovak language FAIR?!?! …

Fair grammar

<< BEFORE: Rabbit enjoys view from dorm room …

Bratislava balcony view

Here is Rabbit back in his Bratislava dorm room: NEXT: Rabbit goes to morning class >>

Back to dorm

<< BEFORE: Rabbit tries to rally one more Slovak song … NEXT: “Water, water, I don’t want her!” >>

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