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Babka greets us with food

Where we introduce character of Babka in her manner of welcoming our weary hiking Rabbit & his Mom to her home in Eastern Slovakia …


Futuristic robot mother

<< BEFORE:  Rabbit is thrilled to get organic milk from back-alley vending machine …

Gypsy attack in streets of town!

From time to time, Rabbit sees his own built-in prejudices surface in particular situations…

Survival studies

AND NOW: Guys make small talk in darkness next to bike path…

Departure 1: Take-off!

September 2011: Boston-Frankfurt ~ Right from start of trip, Rabbit is in for surprise history lesson!

Finding Home

Rabbit thinks there may be room for him in Sturak dorm!

Why Go to Slovakia?

Here’s a mini-comic that explains a bit about the trip…

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