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Two Lions Inn

Rabbit is in Bratislava fielding invitations from his new friends: >> CAUTION: Rabbit  does not have full story here, we will be revising the piece as it currently stands … For example, sign on… Continue reading

What is “Free”?

<< BEFORE: Babka dismisses revolution … NEXT: Dead pig in ground >>

Anniversary of nothing

<< BEFORE: Babka talks revolution over breakfast, or while cooking soup … Since Rabbit is living at Babka’s house, they get to discuss things like “revolution” over and over again as season progresses… ALSO SEE: … Continue reading

My heart is there on the edge

<< BEFORE: Babka greets us with food …

Shoes and paths

<< BEFORE: Teachers take precautions on way to community center … Everywhere Rabbit goes, he finds family stories of one kind or another.  He has passed through factory district many times, and this… Continue reading

One more song?

<< BEFORE: Rabbit enjoys musical evening on Bratislava bike path with new friends and even listens to gypsy song … MORE: Read Rabbit’s comics version of song “Slovensko Moje (My Slovakia)” … NEXT:… Continue reading

That special something

ALSO: Where we first met “SMRNC”…

Loud and clear

<< BEFORE: Rabbit looks at bridge across Danube… Rabbit has very conflicting reactions to

Entrance to caves

Some joys of travel in Slovakia…

Breakfast memories

<< BEFORE: Babka’s son-in-law joined Communist Party.  Babka’s daughter did NOT join Communist Party. NOW: Next day, Babka reviews past 20 years at breakfast table.

Mom was church-goer

<< BEFORE: Dad explains why he joined communist party…

Dad was communist

<< BEFORE: Rabbit watches “Revolution What-If” news with family… NEXT: But what about Mom? >>

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