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Work in England

<< BEFORE: Story of Austrian job gone bad … NOW: Another story from the EU labor market: Advertisements

Work in Austria

<< BEFORE: Rabbit learns about local unemployment service program …

Shoes and paths

<< BEFORE: Teachers take precautions on way to community center … Everywhere Rabbit goes, he finds family stories of one kind or another.  He has passed through factory district many times, and this… Continue reading

Rabbit writes tongue-twisters while EU burns

<< BEFORE: Rabbit wrestles with low-vowel content wrds … Meanwhile, roommate Daniel listens to something on his computer on his bed on his side of tiny room: NEXT: How to pronounce wrds >>

All his life

<< BEFORE: Babka watches Greek riots on TV… NOW: Babka’s views on work and fairness in life and union.

Riots in Greece

Babka watches Greece disintegrate on Slovak television station:

Sinking to new debts

Continuing our discussion of European Union and economy…

Sharing bikes and debt

<< BEFORE: Rabbit meets new friend.  Now, friend must nurse baby: NEXT: Slovak host arrives! >>

Meal tickets

<< BEFORE: Rabbit calculates relative cost of gas… NEXT: “I will pay tip!” >>   NOTE: By interesting coincidence, above page comes out while Allan Stevo posts his excellent advice feature, “How to… Continue reading

Price of gas

<< BEFORE: Rabbit buys food for picnic lunch.

Expat picnic

<< BEFORE: Rabbit calculates real price of candy bar. NEXT: Rabbit calculates real price of gasoline. >>

Candy bar calculations

<< BEFORE: Rabbit discusses Slovak minimum wage in man-cave…

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