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Bus to Bratislava

NOW: Rabbit crosses border to Bratislava:



<< BEFORE: Rabbit buys book and takes refuge in cathedral … NEXT: This particular page from travel sketchbook >>

She wants you to paint her

<< BEFORE: Rabbit misses one of his few remaining days to draw at church … NOW: Back at work, drawing each panel from the St. Anne’s Altar while ladies clean church, Rabbit is slowly… Continue reading

My heart is there on the edge

<< BEFORE: Babka greets us with food …

Work in England

<< BEFORE: Story of Austrian job gone bad … NOW: Another story from the EU labor market:

Work in Austria

<< BEFORE: Rabbit learns about local unemployment service program …

Bright new lights

<< BEFORE: Rabbit makes up new “cousinball” moves in street at night … MORE: How to play this “cousinball”?

Surplus food

<< BEFORE: Read of rabbit’s conversation with teacher …

Old debts

<< BEFORE: Rabbit travels towards Bratislava on day of big parliamentary vote … Cyril and Methodius created

Rabbit writes tongue-twisters while EU burns

<< BEFORE: Rabbit wrestles with low-vowel content wrds … Meanwhile, roommate Daniel listens to something on his computer on his bed on his side of tiny room: NEXT: How to pronounce wrds >>

Root cellar

<< BEFORE: Why is Slovakia angry at Greece?  Babka illustrates with story.

All his life

<< BEFORE: Babka watches Greek riots on TV… NOW: Babka’s views on work and fairness in life and union.

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