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Babka greets us with food

Where we introduce character of Babka in her manner of welcoming our weary hiking Rabbit & his Mom to her home in Eastern Slovakia …


What I learned: walnuts & mushrooms

Rabbit’s walnut harvest >> The Great Mushroom Hunt >>

Goodbye Saturday

<< BEFORE: Rabbit has rough last Friday in town… NOW: Rabbit walks around town on a few final errands… NOTE: Well, it’s been a long, busy, incredibly quick Winter and

Help from family

<< BEFORE: Marcel serves lunch …

Rematch: Marcel’s Gulaš

<< BEFORE: Well, maybe you can read about time in 1997 when Rabbit first encountered Babka’s brother’s sense of hospitality …

Walnuts fall in grass

<< BEFORE: Rabbit starts to harvest nuts in cool autumn sun … Well, I thought I’d posted these pages long long ago, but I guess I never did!  They’re from my very first… Continue reading

One last lesson

<< BEFORE: Rabbit arrives at Center to teach one last class before he leaves … At this point, nothing should surprise you:

Crowded store

<< BEFORE: Rabbit draws at church one last time & arranges drawing date for tomorrow … Rabbit is remembering he made promise to his students that he would come back one last time &… Continue reading

Tall grass on old graves

<< BEFORE: Rabbit stands around watching crowd at bus station. NOW: Okay, so this maybe goes along with yesterday’s post… Here, Rabbit walks through another eastern town and sees many details he loves… Continue reading

Futuristic robot mother

<< BEFORE:  Rabbit is thrilled to get organic milk from back-alley vending machine …

Dead pig in ground

<< BEFORE: Babka remembers tales from 20th century Slovak childhood … ALSO SEE:  Babka shares more memories about food & WWII …

Give “Soup” to “Dog”

Rabbit and Babka enjoy some soup:

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