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Help from family

<< BEFORE: Marcel serves lunch … Advertisements

One last lesson

<< BEFORE: Rabbit arrives at Center to teach one last class before he leaves … At this point, nothing should surprise you:

Song: “Vodu” (Water)

“Water! Water! / I don’t want her! / Let girls bathe in her!”

Back to dorm

<< BEFORE: Rabbit tries to rally one more Slovak song … NEXT: “Water, water, I don’t want her!” >>

Just what doctor ordered

  NEXT: Little run-in with Slovak drinking culture >>

Just little bit

<< BEFORE: Rabbit must have drink. Then rabbit notices one of hosts is NOT drinking with drinkers! So: NEXT: You have dinner plans? >>

Crossing border

<< BEFORE: Bike sharing in European Union… NEXT: Peer pressure! >>

Minimum wine

NEXT: Calculating cost of things >> ~ UPDATE (4 May 2012) ~  Astute reader COMMENTED (below) that in US, servers

Marcel’s solution

<< BEFORE: Marcel pursues rabbit into street to make him drink slivovica but rabbit simply refuses to drink.  Now, who will win debate? … Okay, so maybe Uncle Marcel’s instincts as older brother… Continue reading

Marcel: “We are blood”

<< Marcel forces drink on rabbit and will not give up:

Marcel with young translator

<< Uncle Marcel celebrates family by trying to make rabbit drink something very strong.

Marcel celebrates family

<< Rabbit goes for walk with cousins and meets Uncle Marcel in street. Then they all go into grocery store…

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