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Bratislava survival theory

Bratislava is strange new city for Rabbit… But he has theory about how to survive!


Kids in dumpster

<< BEFORE: Rabbit hears about gypsy street kids at milk machine … Here are some pages drawn waaay back during last year’s travels (in notebook #3). At the time, I didn’t post them… Continue reading

Futuristic robot mother

<< BEFORE:  Rabbit is thrilled to get organic milk from back-alley vending machine …

These other fleas

<< BEFORE: Rabbit comes home from first day of classes at Roma community center, where one important concern was safety from students who have fleas … We are still jumping around in time!… Continue reading

How to get in shape

<< BEFORE: Rabbit and Mamka arrive at off-season ski resort for hiking trip … NOW: Hiking begins along trails… NEXT: Hiking next trail alone >>


<< BEFORE: Closer observations in classroom … NEXT: Names around table >>

Cellphone in your pocket?

<< BEFORE: Rabbit dodges actually teaching something specific … Now Rabbit takes careful look at students around him: NEXT: Sudden flash of anger >>

We must be very careful

<< BEFORE: Rabbit gives out pens for drawing … NEXT: What you want and how to draw it >>

You must put this on your legs

<< BEFORE: Rabbit buys drawing supplies as he gets ready for his classes at Roma community center …

Song: “Vodu” (Water)

“Water! Water! / I don’t want her! / Let girls bathe in her!”

Just what doctor ordered

  NEXT: Little run-in with Slovak drinking culture >>

We do not drink milk from box

<< BEFORE: Rabbit discusses racism and survival with host … Then host keeps hearing strange slurping gulping noise from kitchen: NOTE: This Slovak mom is lovingly teaching lively child right way to behave; this… Continue reading

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