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Help from family

<< BEFORE: Marcel serves lunch … Advertisements

Tall grass on old graves

<< BEFORE: Rabbit stands around watching crowd at bus station. NOW: Okay, so this maybe goes along with yesterday’s post… Here, Rabbit walks through another eastern town and sees many details he loves… Continue reading

Dead pig in ground

<< BEFORE: Babka remembers tales from 20th century Slovak childhood … ALSO SEE:  Babka shares more memories about food & WWII …

What is “Free”?

<< BEFORE: Babka dismisses revolution … NEXT: Dead pig in ground >>

Anniversary of nothing

<< BEFORE: Babka talks revolution over breakfast, or while cooking soup … Since Rabbit is living at Babka’s house, they get to discuss things like “revolution” over and over again as season progresses… ALSO SEE: … Continue reading

My heart is there on the edge

<< BEFORE: Babka greets us with food …

Built during wartime

<< BEFORE: Rabbit does not make it to top of mountains … ALSO: Read about next hiking trip… >> ALSO, NEXT: One week later, snow comes to mountains (foto!)…  or see some posts from this approximate… Continue reading

Old debts

<< BEFORE: Rabbit travels towards Bratislava on day of big parliamentary vote … Cyril and Methodius created


<< BEFORE: Curtain seller in parking lot … You may remember Rabbit’s mom also came to Slovakia during Rabbit’s time there…Here she & Rabbit encounter their own built-in prejudices within setting of town market:

Root cellar

<< BEFORE: Why is Slovakia angry at Greece?  Babka illustrates with story.

All his life

<< BEFORE: Babka watches Greek riots on TV… NOW: Babka’s views on work and fairness in life and union.

Breakfast memories

<< BEFORE: Babka’s son-in-law joined Communist Party.  Babka’s daughter did NOT join Communist Party. NOW: Next day, Babka reviews past 20 years at breakfast table.

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