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Help from family

<< BEFORE: Marcel serves lunch … Advertisements

Dead pig in ground

<< BEFORE: Babka remembers tales from 20th century Slovak childhood … ALSO SEE:  Babka shares more memories about food & WWII …


<< BEFORE: Curtain seller in parking lot … You may remember Rabbit’s mom also came to Slovakia during Rabbit’s time there…Here she & Rabbit encounter their own built-in prejudices within setting of town market:

Root cellar

<< BEFORE: Why is Slovakia angry at Greece?  Babka illustrates with story.

All his life

<< BEFORE: Babka watches Greek riots on TV… NOW: Babka’s views on work and fairness in life and union.

Babka’s favorite bull story

<< BEFORE: Babka tells funny story about head in oven… AND NOW: Babka’s favorite story about her father & big bull & bad dog!

Small head in oven

<< BEFORE: Babka tells stories about her father in war… NOW: Stories about her father as child! NEXT: Between bull and bad dog >>

Mom was church-goer

<< BEFORE: Dad explains why he joined communist party…

Dad was communist

<< BEFORE: Rabbit watches “Revolution What-If” news with family… NEXT: But what about Mom? >>

War is bad (the soldier must go)

<< BEFORE: Babka explains why her father stayed silent during war. This weekend is Memorial Day in United States.  Babka continues her stories about father’s experiences in World War II:

He was silent

<< BEFORE: He saw everything… I often remind my comics students that “action” is anything you DO… including doing nothing.  Standing still, being silent, looking other way are all things people DO in… Continue reading

He saw everything

<< BEFORE: Babka talks about father’s work before war…

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