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Babka greets us with food

Where we introduce character of Babka in her manner of welcoming our weary hiking Rabbit & his Mom to her home in Eastern Slovakia …


No English, No Room

Some first-day pleasures of settling into life in Bratislava…

Help from family

<< BEFORE: Marcel serves lunch …

Rematch: Marcel’s Gulaš

<< BEFORE: Well, maybe you can read about time in 1997 when Rabbit first encountered Babka’s brother’s sense of hospitality …

Still that little voice inside

<< BEFORE: Rabbit and cleaning ladies say goodbyes during his last visit to draw at church! NOW: Rabbit starts to walk away from church, BUT:

Give “Soup” to “Dog”

Rabbit and Babka enjoy some soup:

Just what doctor ordered

  NEXT: Little run-in with Slovak drinking culture >>

We do not drink milk from box

<< BEFORE: Rabbit discusses racism and survival with host … Then host keeps hearing strange slurping gulping noise from kitchen: NOTE: This Slovak mom is lovingly teaching lively child right way to behave; this… Continue reading

Root cellar

<< BEFORE: Why is Slovakia angry at Greece?  Babka illustrates with story.

Crossing border

<< BEFORE: Bike sharing in European Union… NEXT: Peer pressure! >>

Minimum wine

NEXT: Calculating cost of things >> ~ UPDATE (4 May 2012) ~  Astute reader COMMENTED (below) that in US, servers

Fight popcorn with chocolate

<< BEFORE: Rabbit is drawing with babka’s granddaughters. WARNING: Before reading this episode, you might want to review the basics of “Slovak Hospitality”…

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