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Fine line remembered

<< BEFORE: Riding away from bus station … NEXT: In streets of city >> Advertisements

Tall grass on old graves

<< BEFORE: Rabbit stands around watching crowd at bus station. NOW: Okay, so this maybe goes along with yesterday’s post… Here, Rabbit walks through another eastern town and sees many details he loves… Continue reading

Free klezmer konzert under castle

<< BEFORE: “Modern Art & Shy Smiles” = Rabbit draws in mysterious memorial square … NOW: We are back in Bratislava here.  Sometimes Slovakia seems one big mixture of historical juxtapositions at once surprising, colorful, heart-wrenching, comical,… Continue reading

Babka’s favorite bull story

<< BEFORE: Babka tells funny story about head in oven… AND NOW: Babka’s favorite story about her father & big bull & bad dog!

Among forgotten graves at last

So this is it…

Walk through graveyard gate

And now, where will rabbit walk in eastern Slovak town?
Where else but along familiar road to forgotten graveyard…

He was silent

<< BEFORE: He saw everything… I often remind my comics students that “action” is anything you DO… including doing nothing.  Standing still, being silent, looking other way are all things people DO in… Continue reading

He saw everything

<< BEFORE: Babka talks about father’s work before war…

Quality of life

<< BEFORE: Rabbit tries to order dinner from extensive snack bar menu! …

C+D+K in “Cartoon Crier”

There’s a new Coffee+Dumpling+Komiks page in the just-released “Cartoon Crier” from VT’s Center for Cartoon Studies (CCS).  Take a look! “Cartoon Crier” features work by members of National Cartoonists Society (NCS) and friends… Continue reading

Little Hitler

<< BEFORE: Rabbit draws (and tries not to eat too much) with girls. Rabbit wants to keep one eye on pop culture and one eye on history!  But what happens when Hitler rears… Continue reading

Tower story 2

<< Back to Tower story 1 …

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