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Goodbye Saturday

<< BEFORE: Rabbit has rough last Friday in town… NOW: Rabbit walks around town on a few final errands… NOTE: Well, it’s been a long, busy, incredibly quick Winter and Advertisements

Beautiful grave

<< BEFORE: Rabbit visits graveyards with family for All Saints holiday … Babka must light candles at grave of everyone in her family. This holiday card graphic features dumpster out behind this same… Continue reading

Tall grass on old graves

<< BEFORE: Rabbit stands around watching crowd at bus station. NOW: Okay, so this maybe goes along with yesterday’s post… Here, Rabbit walks through another eastern town and sees many details he loves… Continue reading

Bratislava balcony view

Here is Rabbit back in his Bratislava dorm room: NEXT: Rabbit goes to morning class >>

My heart is there on the edge

<< BEFORE: Babka greets us with food …

Snow on mountains

<< EARLIER: Read about hiking trip to Vysoke Tatry mountains! …  And now here is picture of Rabbit on central plains one week later, pointing at snow in mountains! Good thing snow didn’t come the… Continue reading

Talking after class

<< BEFORE: Boys just won’t talk in class! NEXT: Smoking in boys’ room >>

Built during wartime

<< BEFORE: Rabbit does not make it to top of mountains … ALSO: Read about next hiking trip… >> ALSO, NEXT: One week later, snow comes to mountains (foto!)…  or see some posts from this approximate… Continue reading

Next level up

<< BEFORE: Rabbit rests along lovely trail … NOW: Rabbit hikes high above hills of central Slovakia, and hopes to take final gondola to ultimate summit of High Tatry: NEXT: Looking more closely at… Continue reading

Locked out of church

<< BEFORE: Rabbit works to decode gothic altar …

After class

<< BEFORE: Rabbit wraps up first class at Roma community center …

How many people in tiny house?

<< BEFORE: Rabbit & uncle zoom across early morning countryside at rapid pace … NEXT: Fields along road >>

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