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Where we were ~ kde sme boli

New map of key story locations for reverse title page of book…


Juxtaposition 3: Life in the Middle

<< Juxtaposition 2 Maybe our maps tell stories too… ?

Jewish Graveyard 1

Proofread your ticket

On the edge of a fairy tale

<< BEFORE: West through mountains …

This is what you get paid

Ever looked at minimum wages in the European Union? First of all, you might notice that this map ASSUMES you know the names of the countries… (You DO, don’t you? … ) 

ABC Slovak History

My pre-trip reading has also included Štefan Blaško’s “ABC Slovak Language Vol. 5: Slovakia Geography & History” ( (c)1973 Štefan Blaško, 60 Crescent Terrace, Belleville, N.J., 07109). Here are a couple useful maps… Continue reading

Maps: Central Europe

Sometimes when I’m working on a longer piece and I run out of steam, it helps to draw maps.  (I drew this one over breakfast this morning, while NOT drawing a piece about… Continue reading

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