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Forgotten song

<< BEFORE: Fairy tales in old country … NEXT: Sudden memory of old mysterious thing someone said long ago >> Advertisements

Connecting (in Spanish) at computer center

<< BEFORE: Rabbit meets new student and studies Slovak music in class … NOW: Rabbit uses public computer in dorm to check email:

Talking dirty, part 2: Singing dirty

<< BEFORE: Talking dirty in Bratislava … NOW: Singing dirty with new student Spanish nun!

Song: “Kedz ja na toryse” (When I in river Torysa)

“When I in river Torysa / washed my little feet…”

Here we are to listen

NEXT: “When I in Torysa River washed my little feet…” >>

Song: “Vodu” (Water)

“Water! Water! / I don’t want her! / Let girls bathe in her!”

Back to dorm

<< BEFORE: Rabbit tries to rally one more Slovak song … NEXT: “Water, water, I don’t want her!” >>

One more song?

<< BEFORE: Rabbit enjoys musical evening on Bratislava bike path with new friends and even listens to gypsy song … MORE: Read Rabbit’s comics version of song “Slovensko Moje (My Slovakia)” … NEXT:… Continue reading

Free klezmer konzert under castle

<< BEFORE: “Modern Art & Shy Smiles” = Rabbit draws in mysterious memorial square … NOW: We are back in Bratislava here.  Sometimes Slovakia seems one big mixture of historical juxtapositions at once surprising, colorful, heart-wrenching, comical,… Continue reading

Doorbell sings

Rabbit often sits with Babka and works on notebooks while she looks for coupons or does needlepoint… NEXT: Who is at door? >>

That special something

ALSO: Where we first met “SMRNC”…

Stopping places

<< BEFORE: Hiking up into highground snow… NEXT: Rocky trails in real mountains >>

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