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Song: “Kedz ja na toryse” (When I in river Torysa)

“When I in river Torysa / washed my little feet…”


Song: “Vodu” (Water)

“Water! Water! / I don’t want her! / Let girls bathe in her!”

Song: “Naco pojdem domov” (Why would I ever go home?)

“Why would I ever go home / when I have nobody? / Father’s getting married / Mother lies in the black earth / Why would I ever go home?”

Song: “Hej, Slovaci!” (Hey, Slovaks!)

“Hey, Slovaks! / Our Slovak language yet lives!”

Song: “Kohutik jarabi”

“Speckled rooster! / Don’t go to the garden! / You’ll break the lily, / Then they’ll slaughter you.”

Song: “Slovensko Moje”

“My Slovakia, my fatherland, / You are beautiful like paradise, like Eden.”

Song: “Slovenske mamicky”

“Disaster upon disaster / For that red blood / Which pours out / On the green fields.”

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