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Church and eye

<< BEFORE: Rabbit draws in Greek Catholic church … We have not been posting many photographs from Rabbit’s journey of late.  Here are two images from visit to draw at church in beautiful Eastern… Continue reading

Snow on mountains

<< EARLIER: Read about hiking trip to Vysoke Tatry mountains! …  And now here is picture of Rabbit on central plains one week later, pointing at snow in mountains! Good thing snow didn’t come the… Continue reading

English lesson

Here is rare action shot of Rabbit teaching English lesson in classroom:

Rabbit rests along trail

<< BEFORE: Rabbit hikes fast & alone past Czech hikers … NOW:  Rabbit poses along trail mid-way up mountains! NEXT: Nearing top… >>

Photos from Rabbit’s home town

After many comments & responses to our recent comics about Slovak-Roma situation, I have been thinking about my own hometown background and experience.  It is true that Rabbit likes to explore and ask… Continue reading

Surprise building in Maine, USA

This is not komiks post (obviously), but perhaps Slovak readers will be surprised by this building found during recent pleasant walk along waterfront in Portland, Maine, USA: SMRT’ means “death” in Slovak.  It clearly… Continue reading

Babka Cooks: Halušky s Kapustou

Sugar roses (behind-the-scenes photos!)

Here is a photographic peek into Babka’s cake kitchen:

The tree at the center

This is one of the giant downtown Lipa trees which (over seven hundred years ago) gave the town of Lipany its original name, the German “Sieben Linden”.

Lipany panoramae

Here are two panorama tilings I took of Lipany during the Fall. In this first image, we were picnicking on the Eastern hill, not far from the old bomb shelter tunnel, after a… Continue reading

Label Patrol: Dolphin

Whenever you see an all-English label in a Slovak market, you know you are in for a wild ride! (“Oh, is that what dolphin looks like? We cook dolphin in America, too!”)

Really Big Comics: Prešov’s Kalvarias

Won’t you join us for a walk up Prešov’s own Calvary hill?  It just happens to be one of the biggest comics we came across during our trip:

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