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Photos from Rabbit’s home town

After many comments & responses to our recent comics about Slovak-Roma situation, I have been thinking about my own hometown background and experience.  It is true that Rabbit likes to explore and ask… Continue reading

Surprise building in Maine, USA

This is not komiks post (obviously), but perhaps Slovak readers will be surprised by this building found during recent pleasant walk along waterfront in Portland, Maine, USA: SMRT’ means “death” in Slovak.  It clearly… Continue reading

C+D+K in school… and now back to work

Over the past two weeks I’ve been super busy with school residencies and evening comics events — that’s why I haven’t been posting much new material here.  This week I’m getting back to… Continue reading

Working on this book

This strip pretty much sums up a lot of my experience working on this book.  I mean, it’s been a GREAT process, but … it has a lot of moments like this, too.… Continue reading

Time to make some soup

One rabbit’s quest to connect kitchens in USA and Slovakia. << BEFORE: See what it is about, all this soup uproar…  And NOW:

This is what you get paid

Ever looked at minimum wages in the European Union? First of all, you might notice that this map ASSUMES you know the names of the countries… (You DO, don’t you? … ) 

The road ahead

TIME FOR A QUICK PROJECT UPDATE: TRAVEL PHASE: COMPLETE! After three amazing months of travel, adventure, study, art, and exploration in Slovakia, I have finally returned to my home in New Hampshire, USA.  I… Continue reading


Thanksgiving Day / Henniker, NH, USA

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