ABC Slovak History

My pre-trip reading has also included Štefan Blaško’s “ABC Slovak Language Vol. 5: Slovakia Geography & History” ( (c)1973 Štefan … More

Maps: Central Europe

Sometimes when I’m working on a longer piece and I run out of steam, it helps to draw maps.  (I … More

Roma Community Center (Lipany)

This video by Slovenska Katolicka Charita describes their Roma center in Lipany, where we’re planning some Comics Workshop programs for the … More

Old Notebook Pages (2010)

Here are a couple pages from 2010 Notebook #2 (the only survivor of the great 2010 Martin Backpack Heist):

Old Travel Sketches

Here are a few sample travel sketches from previous European adventures, to give some idea of what some part of this upcoming project might look like: