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Goodbye Saturday

<< BEFORE: Rabbit has rough last Friday in town… NOW: Rabbit walks around town on a few final errands… NOTE: Well, it’s been a long, busy, incredibly quick Winter and Advertisements

Please just go home now

<< BEFORE: No students come to final class at Center … Rabbit may be done teaching, but Slovakia still has some lessons in store for him.  As things develop, he becomes more and… Continue reading

One last lesson

<< BEFORE: Rabbit arrives at Center to teach one last class before he leaves … At this point, nothing should surprise you:

On the doorstep

<< BEFORE: Rabbit shops at supermarket on way to center … NOW: Everybody is poet around here.

Crowded store

<< BEFORE: Rabbit draws at church one last time & arranges drawing date for tomorrow … Rabbit is remembering he made promise to his students that he would come back one last time &… Continue reading

Still that little voice inside

<< BEFORE: Rabbit and cleaning ladies say goodbyes during his last visit to draw at church! NOW: Rabbit starts to walk away from church, BUT:

Kids in dumpster

<< BEFORE: Rabbit hears about gypsy street kids at milk machine … Here are some pages drawn waaay back during last year’s travels (in notebook #3). At the time, I didn’t post them… Continue reading

Futuristic robot mother

<< BEFORE:  Rabbit is thrilled to get organic milk from back-alley vending machine …

Stranger promise

<< BEFORE: Rabbit is working again with Roma students at afterschool Community Center … As a visiting foreigner, Rabbit spends maybe a little too much time worrying about whether his students accept /… Continue reading

They know how to work

<< BEFORE: Rabbit has encounter in streets of town … and before THAT, Rabbit substitute-taught citizenship class at Slovak school, drawing “calendar comics” with his Slovak students … NEXT: Invitation to return >>

Gypsy attack in streets of town!

From time to time, Rabbit sees his own built-in prejudices surface in particular situations…

She wants you to paint her

<< BEFORE: Rabbit misses one of his few remaining days to draw at church … NOW: Back at work, drawing each panel from the St. Anne’s Altar while ladies clean church, Rabbit is slowly… Continue reading

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