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Goodbyes at altar

<< BEFORE: Troubles towards the end getting in to draw at church … Advertisements

Review of drawings

<< BEFORE: Rabbit has been again to church to draw comics from art on altar.

This book will help you believe

<< BEFORE: Rabbit finds story of Saint Apolonia… This was one of those hushed chapel conversations where I felt like we brushed up against a little piece of the middle ages…

“Lives of the Saints” Comics Altar @ Currier Museum

C+D+K‘s new “LIVES OF THE SAINTS” COMICS ALTAR will be on display at the Currier Museum this Winter!  If you’re in the Manchester, NH area, please join us* for this week’s reception: Thursday, 2… Continue reading

Lives of the Saints: Cordula

Uršula’s story terminated rather abruptly, so here is another story that picks up where Uršula leaves off:

Lives of the Saints: Uršula

Q) How long can wily Uršula avoid advances of pagan princes & hotblooded Huns?

Lives of the Saints: Opatka Otilia

Here is unique LIFE OF SAINT with at least semi-happy ending…

Lives of the Saints: Dorota

Swords for those who stand out; flowers & fruit for those who mock them.

Lives of the Saints: Saint Nicholas and evil butcher

Here is St. Nicholas story that I don’t recall anyone telling around old christmas tree when I was young…

Lives of the Saints: St. Nicholas and three poor daughters

Here is perhaps most famous story about wealthy bishop, St. Nicholas…

Lives of the Saints: Sv. Mikulaš (Saint Nicholas)

Today is the name day of Sv. Mikulaš (english = Saint Nicholas) on the Slovak calendar.  But jolly old St. Nick has not always been the roly-poly red-robed mall fixture that he has… Continue reading

Lives of the Saints: Margita Antiochiska

Sv. Margita Antiochiska is notable because she is the only saint on the Sv. Ana altar to appear with a fantasy monster (unless you count a miniature lamb as a fantasy monster…). Here,… Continue reading

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