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Lives of the Saints: Cordula

Uršula’s story terminated rather abruptly, so here is another story that picks up where Uršula leaves off:


Lives of the Saints: Uršula

Q) How long can wily Uršula avoid advances of pagan princes & hotblooded Huns?

Lives of the Saints: Opatka Otilia

Here is unique LIFE OF SAINT with at least semi-happy ending…

Lives of the Saints: Dorota

Swords for those who stand out; flowers & fruit for those who mock them.

Lives of the Saints: Saint Nicholas and evil butcher

Here is St. Nicholas story that I don’t recall anyone telling around old christmas tree when I was young…

Lives of the Saints: St. Nicholas and three poor daughters

Here is perhaps most famous story about wealthy bishop, St. Nicholas…

Lives of the Saints: Sv. Mikulaš (Saint Nicholas)

Today is the name day of Sv. Mikulaš (english = Saint Nicholas) on the Slovak calendar.  But jolly old St. Nick has not always been the roly-poly red-robed mall fixture that he has… Continue reading

Lives of the Saints: Margita Antiochiska

Sv. Margita Antiochiska is notable because she is the only saint on the Sv. Ana altar to appear with a fantasy monster (unless you count a miniature lamb as a fantasy monster…). Here,… Continue reading

Lives of the Saints: Agnesa Rimska

I think I fall in love with each saint as I read and translate and draw their stories.  Agnesa Rimska gives us yet another tale of intolerance and excess.  We should note here… Continue reading

Lives of the Saints: Sv. Barbora

Saint Barbara appears in the very first panel of the St. Anne altar (closed position) at Lipany’s chram Sv. Martina.  In that particular altar, she is the only saint to appear alongside a… Continue reading

Lives of the Saints: Sv. Katarína

Who is Sveta Katarína? Why does she have wheel and sword? Read on to find out…

Lives of the Saints: Sv. Ján Krstiteĺ

And now, COMICS WORKSHOP presents: A Life of John the Baptist in 28 panels! (Are these panels too small? Click on the images to view them at full size!)

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