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Talking dirty, part 2: Singing dirty

<< BEFORE: Talking dirty in Bratislava … NOW: Singing dirty with new student Spanish nun! Advertisements

Talking dirty (Eastern style)

<< BEFORE: Is Slovak language FAIR?!?! …

Fair grammar

<< BEFORE: Rabbit enjoys view from dorm room …

Give “Soup” to “Dog”

Rabbit and Babka enjoy some soup:

Hiking fast alone

<< BEFORE: Mamka proposes new theory about healthy lifestyle … NOW: Rabbit heads out alone along upper trails! NEXT: Rabbit hikes up into beautiful pass and rests along trail >>

Everybody, we die

More family stories with Babka: MORE: Babka tells stories of baking for Slovak wedding…

That distant rustling sound…

<< BEFORE: Rabbit gets in trouble for doing homework without vowels. NEXT: Wordplay in time of crisis >>


Rabbit turns in tongue twisters for homework assignment!?!?


<< BEFORE: Rabbit calculates vowel content of obscure Slovak phrases & compares with vowel content of equivalent English phrases. AND NOW: Time to taste-test tongue twisters!

Math of vowel conservation

<< BEFORE: Rabbit casts wide net for “wrds”… If you like math, Slovak grammar, and words that are very difficult to pronounce, then this episode is for you! NEXT: Time to test tongue twisters… >>

1/4 maximum vowel content

Rabbit looks at Slovak words without vowels, and finds more than that for which he bargained…


Slovak language is like a thin-walled apartment tower.

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