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One last lesson

<< BEFORE: Rabbit arrives at Center to teach one last class before he leaves … At this point, nothing should surprise you: Advertisements

On the doorstep

<< BEFORE: Rabbit shops at supermarket on way to center … NOW: Everybody is poet around here.

Stranger promise

<< BEFORE: Rabbit is working again with Roma students at afterschool Community Center … As a visiting foreigner, Rabbit spends maybe a little too much time worrying about whether his students accept /… Continue reading

They know how to work

<< BEFORE: Rabbit has encounter in streets of town … and before THAT, Rabbit substitute-taught citizenship class at Slovak school, drawing “calendar comics” with his Slovak students … NEXT: Invitation to return >>

Gypsy attack in streets of town!

From time to time, Rabbit sees his own built-in prejudices surface in particular situations…

Substitute citizen

Here is Rabbit receiving unexpected news from fellow teacher at Slovak school in nearby town: NEXT: Taking this lesson to students at Roma Community Center … >> You can click on the images below… Continue reading

“I am a fig”

<< BEFORE: Rabbit teaches boys’ English class … NOW: Rabbit plays tough in his English classroom, and learns meaning of Slovak phrase “I am a fig!”:

He wants an argument!

<< BEFORE: Rabbit attends service with heroes from Revolution …

Talking dirty, part 2: Singing dirty

<< BEFORE: Talking dirty in Bratislava … NOW: Singing dirty with new student Spanish nun!

No smoking

BEFORE: Talking after class is done …

English lesson

Here is rare action shot of Rabbit teaching English lesson in classroom:

Talking after class

<< BEFORE: Boys just won’t talk in class! NEXT: Smoking in boys’ room >>

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