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That special something

ALSO: Where we first met “SMRNC”… Advertisements

Rabbit writes tongue-twisters while EU burns

<< BEFORE: Rabbit wrestles with low-vowel content wrds … Meanwhile, roommate Daniel listens to something on his computer on his bed on his side of tiny room: NEXT: How to pronounce wrds >>

That distant rustling sound…

<< BEFORE: Rabbit gets in trouble for doing homework without vowels. NEXT: Wordplay in time of crisis >>


Rabbit turns in tongue twisters for homework assignment!?!?


<< BEFORE: Rabbit calculates vowel content of obscure Slovak phrases & compares with vowel content of equivalent English phrases. AND NOW: Time to taste-test tongue twisters!

Math of vowel conservation

<< BEFORE: Rabbit casts wide net for “wrds”… If you like math, Slovak grammar, and words that are very difficult to pronounce, then this episode is for you! NEXT: Time to test tongue twisters… >>

1/4 maximum vowel content

Rabbit looks at Slovak words without vowels, and finds more than that for which he bargained…


Slovak language is like a thin-walled apartment tower.

Just open up slovnik

“Folks at home will think I’m making this up!”

Quest for wrds!

OR, Yet Another Reason to Love the Slovak Language…

Surprise building in Maine, USA

This is not komiks post (obviously), but perhaps Slovak readers will be surprised by this building found during recent pleasant walk along waterfront in Portland, Maine, USA: SMRT’ means “death” in Slovak.  It clearly… Continue reading

Wrds 9: “Žltý žlč”

<< BEFORE: Rusty snakes! Term “Žltý žlč” was my hands-down favorite curse substitute for most of Autumn.

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