Rabbit’s New Project - Ahoj, friends of Slovakia Komiksy! Long time, no posts…  It’s been a busy few years. I’m currently immersed in a NEW PROJECT, diving deep into the American Civil War, as seen through the eyes of a New England school teacher in the Union Army.   Project updates appear over on, or you can click on […]
Rabbit in Nicaragua - Rabbit is on road again... this time in Nicaragua!
Rabbit on the Road with General Stark & Dr. Hawks - Okay, so why is Rabbit hitch-hiking along roadside with NH natives General John Stark and Dr. Esther Hill Hawks? ...


Babka greets us with food - Where we introduce character of Babka in her manner of welcoming our weary hiking Rabbit & his Mom to her home in Eastern Slovakia ...
Final foto + formal goodbye - Rabbit’s last day in Eastern Slovakia arrives… Time to head West again!
What I learned: walnuts & mushrooms - Rabbit’s walnut harvest >> The Great Mushroom Hunt >>
Bus to Bratislava - NOW: Rabbit crosses border to Bratislava:
No English, No Room - Some first-day pleasures of settling into life in Bratislava...
Bratislava survival theory - Bratislava is strange new city for Rabbit... But he has theory about how to survive!
Goodbye Saturday - << BEFORE: Rabbit has rough last Friday in town… NOW: Rabbit walks around town on a few final errands… NOTE: Well, it’s been a long, busy, incredibly quick Winter and



Why Go to Slovakia? - Here's a mini-comic that explains a bit about the trip...
Notes on Roma History in Slovakia (Part 1) - Here are some panels about the past few centuries, based on Willy Guy’s essay in this book by Josef Koudelka … (The book’s mostly photos from Roma settlements in Eastern Slovakia during the 1960s.  The essay provides context.  Drawing it all out in comics format is my way of processing & understanding the material.)
Finding Home - Rabbit thinks there may be room for him in Sturak dorm!
Bratislava Street Sketches - I have been sketching some in the old part of town… Southern view of St. Michael´s Gate, old town center…
Life and Death Homework - Life is too short to do both homework AND comics … So I will do BOTH at SAME TIME! This story documents near-death experience I had last week AND it practices past tense and animate possessive form in basic Slovak.  Translations follow each image…. 1. Comfortable was rabbit´s bed. 2. But rabbit´s class started at […]
Wrds 1 - I am making collection of Slovak words that have no vowels in them.  Here is starter set for you… NEXT: Mole slippage >>
Genitive Practice - Practicing the genitive case here… 1. Without you, I cannot live!  2. Although without myself, well, yes, I can.  3. Well, by luck I have an eraser… — Please?  4.  Better. 
Daniel gets his special - Sometimes it is all about knowing how to stand up for yourself…
Hall of Mirrors, Room of Stories - An earnest comicsologist recently sneaked a forbidden camera into the Hall of Mirrors of Bratislava´s Primate’s Palace. While the researcher inexplicably ignored the much-heralded Secret Tapestries, several images emerged of a peculiar series of rooms ENTIRELY PANELED WITH BIBLICAL PICTURE-STORIES. Here, then, are some of the images:


Dad was communist - << BEFORE: Rabbit watches “Revolution What-If” news with family… NEXT: But what about Mom? >>
That distant rustling sound… - << BEFORE: Rabbit gets in trouble for doing homework without vowels. NEXT: Wordplay in time of crisis >>
Hmwrk - Rabbit turns in tongue twisters for homework assignment!?!?
Sinking to new debts - Continuing our discussion of European Union and economy...
“Together-voicing” - << BEFORE: Rabbit calculates vowel content of obscure Slovak phrases & compares with vowel content of equivalent English phrases. AND NOW: Time to taste-test tongue twisters!
Math of vowel conservation - << BEFORE: Rabbit casts wide net for “wrds”… If you like math, Slovak grammar, and words that are very difficult to pronounce, then this episode is for you! NEXT: Time to test tongue twisters… >>
1/4 maximum vowel content - Rabbit looks at Slovak words without vowels, and finds more than that for which he bargained...
Walk through graveyard gate - And now, where will rabbit walk in eastern Slovak town? Where else but along familiar road to forgotten graveyard...
Vowelspaces - Slovak language is like a thin-walled apartment tower.
Just open up slovnik - "Folks at home will think I'm making this up!"
Quest for wrds! - OR, Yet Another Reason to Love the Slovak Language...





  1. Hi Marek –
    I saw your table at RI Comicon yesterday – but you’d stepped out. I liked your book on Slovakia and wanted to buy one….maybe because my mother’s family is from there and she grew up in a Slovak neighborhood in Pennsylvania. I’m a big fan of Matt Groening’s early work (e.g., The Big Book of Hell, The Huge Book of Hell). Yours was reminiscent (to me) of that. I hope the RIComicon was a good venue for you.


    1. Hi Anita ~
      Thanks so much for your comments, & sorry to miss ye in those final crazy moments of RICCon-2013!
      I just sent ye a FaceBook message about our options on the book account…
      I would love to get your reactions to the comics, coming from the PA Slovak community!
      ~ M

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