Church and eye

<< BEFORE: Rabbit draws in Greek Catholic church

We have not been posting many photographs from Rabbit’s journey of late.  Here are two images from visit to draw at church in beautiful Eastern Slovak village:


    1. Oh, good point! It truly is “Eye of Providence,” and is actually reverse of “Great Seal of United States.”
      GREAT SEAL OF U.S.A. (reverse)

      We may note here that U.S. Eye of Providence appears atop giant PYRAMID UNDER CONSTRUCTION… of this, more later!

      I suppose sometimes you have to to other continents to see common things clearly.

      Yes… context is everything. Rabbit is feeling self-conscious about being stranger in town and climbing up into balcony of church to draw while townspeople come and go below, looking down invisibly from shadows above as people come to confess their sins to priest. So perhaps Rabbit merely recognizes this discomfort as he’s suddenly aware of being watched himself by Eye in ceiling above?

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